Posted on Feb 9, 2019

Dependable Homebuyers

“Mortgage” is a fancy word for a loan that is used to purchase a home. If a lender “holds” a mortgage, that means that that lender is entitled to repayment of that loan.

If a person has a mortgage on a home, it is technically a misnomer to call that person a “homeowner.” That individual is, in reality, a “home borrower” who lives in the home so long as regular loan installments are paid to the holder of the mortgage (usually a bank) from which the mortgage was obtained.

There are three more terms that are useful to know. While these terms have meanings that can differ depending on the context, here we’re talking about the context of homebuying and foreclosure.

The first term is “security.” A security is simply collateral for a loan. In this case, your house is the security.

The second term is “security interest.” A security interest is a legal right the lender has over your home. Here, the mortgage itself gives the lender specific legal rights with respect to your home.

The third term you need to know is “lien.” A lien is a legal right that the bank has to repossess your house if you don’t pay your mortgage. The right exists to protect the bank by ensuring that the bank will recoup the money owed for the property even if the homeowner doesn’t pay the mortgage.

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